Generate Leads, drive your sales from social platforms

In an Internet society where information is changing rapidly, the way of sales and marketing is also changing implicitly. Traditional sales and marketing faces increasing challenges and diminishing marginal returns,

- Cost a lot to attend the exhibition but getting very little?

- Hire many sales but couldn't travel because of the epidemic?

- How to make a breakthrough on cross-border business?

- Few response with old school EDM?

What we do is simple, trying to make a difference for you with the integration of most popular instant messenger and social platforms.  We have successfully helped lots of business finding the right leads with very few cost.

You can choose from the most popular search engines, or the trendiest social platforms, to intelligently search for potential customers and match them with specific contact information.

Best of all, you are free to export the contact lists or create a pool of customers and connect your customers directly online with the most popular whatsAPP.

Get started now to get your business ahead like never before.